Sunday, October 18, 2015

Prologue and Chapter 1 - Adele Newton

Delia Newton

This story is about Delia Newton.  It is a multi-generational 'challenge' where Delia becomes more or less immortal by virtue of creating and using life extending elixirs. 

I am playing with normal lifespans and no other sim will be allowed to extend their lives - only Delia. My goal is to experience as much of the game play as I can and play in all of the different worlds using no cheats other than NRAAS mods that make my game run smoother and the woohooer mod to give it a small bit of randomness.  To begin with I am not using story progression but may change my mind later. Delia won't be staying too long in the different towns so that they shouldn't die out on me. 
  • Delia Newton is a child born of the supernatural - but because her mother was stripped of her powers while she was pregnant with her, or maybe because her father was mortal, Delia exhibits no outward signs of supernatural traits and is completely unaware of her heritage.
  • Delia must discover the age potions quickly to obtain the young again potion in order to continue her quest to discover her true heritage.
  • Delia must get married in each town and have children.  When her husbands die (strangely unnatural deaths or just old age) she must move to a new world. 
  • Delia or a husband will attempt to master all the jobs, learn all potions, recipes, songs etc, live in all the worlds, catch all the fish, varmints, insects, visit all the vacation lands, get all degrees etc  in a quest to discover the secrets of her background and find the roots of her family.

Chapter 1 - Adele Newton
Adele Newton
Delia Newton was only 17 years old when her mother, Adele passed away and left her alone.   As Adele lay dying she began to tell Delia tales of the supernatural.   She warned Delia to be wary of all unnatural beings - that she should investigate each group and learn their secrets so she could stay one step ahead of them.   She should be very careful – some are very powerful and could hurt her and her family.   Of course Delia had no idea what any of that could even mean and just passed it off as the ramblings of a very sick woman.  There was no such thing as Vampires, Fairies, Witches, Werewolves or just magic in general.  

Adele went on to tell Delia of a basement in their home that contained cauldrons and spell books that held the secret to very powerful potions that would help protect her.   At this point, Delia knew her mom really had lost it; there was no basement in their home.   Sadly Adele passed on before she could finish her tales but with her dying breath she told Delia she loved her and pressed a piece of paper in her hand that contained a code that supposedly unlocked the secret passageway in their home.  "Mom", she said gently, "We live in a small one story 2-bedroom home - there are no ‘secret’ passages."  Adele smiled, squeezed Delia's hand and quietly passed away.

What Adele didn't tell Delia was the she was (or used to be) a fairy but Delia’s father was mortal. Adele didn’t want Delia to know about her heritage in order to to protect her and allow her to have a normal childhood.   Adele planned to tell her everything when she was old enough to understand. The story she told Delia was that her father had died soon after she was born in a tragic accident. The sad truth is he never got to see his daughter. Delia’s grandfather, Adele's father, Niall Thorn, was a very powerful Prince of Fairies. It is forbidden by Fairy Law to interbreed or to even let mortals know of their very existence.  

Adele met and fell in love with a the most beautiful mortal she had ever seen, Newt Jamison. Adele and Newt secretly married and she soon became pregnant. Adele and Newt were going to run away, but they had to have a plan to get away from the Thorn Clan without getting caught. If you ever tried to sneak around a fairy before, it isn't easy. Adele was going to tell her mother and get her help but those kind of secrets don't keep well and Niall found out before she could talk her mother.  He was furious and promptly had Newt disposed of. The simple fact that Newt even knew Adele was a fairy was enough to seal his fate, much less that she was pregnant with his child- a MORTAL's child! Niall furiously locked Adele in her room while he tried to decide the best course of action – but not before he angrily stripped her of her ‘fairy powers’.  If she wanted to be with mortals, then be one!  Adele was devastated and completely heartbroken.
Young Delia
Fearing for her unborn child’s life, Adele managed to escape Moonlight Falls, the town she was born in, with her Mother's help.  She left with nothing but the clothes on her back and the little bit of cash her mother secretly gave her. A mother’s love is stronger than any Law. Late one night while the fairies slept, Adele’s mother helped her sneak her out. She warned Adele not to tell anyone, including her where she was going lest they find her. That would be the last time Adele saw or spoke to her mother.   

Adele managed to get to Appaloosa Plains – a very mortal town - where Delia was later born.   Adele changed her name from Jamison to Newton, in honor of her late husband, and still remain hidden from anyone that might be looking for her. She still feared the Fairies may hunt her down and kill her or take Delia from her to eliminate all traces of Adele's indiscretion.  

Teenager Delia
Adele never married again as she never recovered from the loss of Newt or forgave her own father for his actions. She did keep a secret journal with clippings regarding the disappearance of Newt Jamison and the one picture she had of him that she hid in her secret room. No one knew she was ever married to him or what happened to him and sadly never would.

Delia became the center of Adele’s world.   At 17 she was already stunning with her mom’s blonde hair and Newt’s huge blue eyes.  Adele was sad Delia would never know her father. Every time she looked at her daughter she could see Newt looking back. It was a small comfort. But Delia would know of him.  Adele had decided she would tell Delia everything on her 18th birthday, just one more year away. Unfortunately, Adele fell ill and would not live to see her daughter's 18th birthday.

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